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Project Description
Hieroglyph 3 is a rendering library and associated set of sample programs based on Direct3D 11. Its main objective is to allow rapid development of new algorithms, and thus focuses on flexibility while still allowing for performance optimization.

This library utilizes Lua for scripting and DirectXTK for texture loading. The project has been updated to utilize VS2012 solution and project files and the latest Windows 8 SDK. The boost dependency has been removed and is no longer needed as of 23 August 2011.

Recent additions include support for the Kinect sensor as well as MFC integration samples.

Please Note:
Many of the sample programs (shown below) have been contributed to the library as sample programs from the book Practical Rendering and Computation with Direct3D 11. If you like this library and these samples, please consider purchasing the book to help support its further development! Further demos will be added in the near future as they become available. If you want access to the original code base from when the book was released, please visit this page for some discussion about how to do that.


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