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Recently x64 support was added to the Hieroglyph 3 framework. This means that you can now target both x86 and x64 architectures. However, to support the new build configurations, some of the ways that the various projects within the framework referenced their respective libraries has been changed.

This is a quick list of the things you will need to update in order to continue using the framework with any applications you already have from before this change. These changes apply to all configurations, and all platforms, so it may be convenient for you to make these settings common (as they are in the sample applications provided with the framework).

  1. Update the "General/Output Directory" settings to "$(SolutionDir)Applications\Bin\"
  2. Update the "General/Intermediate Directory" settings to "$(Platform)\$(Configuration)\"
  3. Update the "Linker/Additional Library Directories" settings to "$(SolutionDir)SDK\Library\$(Platform)\$(Configuration)"
  4. Update the "Build Events/Post-Build Event" to be empty - it is no longer required.
These changes should allow you to build under any of the four combinations of Debug/Release and Win32/x64. If you have any trouble still with the upgrade, please ask questions in the discussion pages!

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