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Hieroglyph3 relies on the functionality DXGI exposes to manage the swap chain and graphics adapter(s). This includes the "fullscreen" mode. By default "Alt-Enter" toggles an application between full-screen and windowed mode. However, this behavior can be modified via DXGI API calls such as:

Note that fullscreen mode can also be set programmatically when creating the swap chain. For example:

SwapChainConfigDX11 Config;
Config.SetWidth( m_pWindow->GetWidth() );
Config.SetHeight( m_pWindow->GetHeight() );
Config.SetOutputWindow( m_pWindow->GetHandle() );
Config.SetWindowed(false); // go to fullscreen!
m_iSwapChain = m_pRenderer11->CreateSwapChain( &Config );
m_pWindow->SetSwapChain( m_iSwapChain );

Note also that if the screen size is changing then care also needs to be taken to ensure that the render targets are updated appropriately. When using RenderApplication as a base class this is done automatically.

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