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Several people have expressed concern about having access to the Hieroglyph 3 codebase as it existed when the book Practical Rendering and Computation with Direct3D 11 was released. This appears to be a philosophical question, that I promised to address and document here.

All along, I always intended to continue updating Hieroglyph 3 even after the release of the book in an attempt to provide continuous improvement in both its examples and the engine itself. The book describes many of the example programs that come along with the Hieroglyph 3 code distribution, but these descriptions were carefully done in such a way that they focused on the shader level of implementation and not the engine itself. This was specifically done so that updates at the engine level would not compromise the contents from the book.

In addition, since the publication of the book I have also added several new sample programs, developed new software constructs to help get things done, and there have also been several contributions from other users. I see the continuing updates as a big benefit, rather than having some static CD of source code that may or may not have bugs, but will never get updated... A living code base is (in my view) a far better option.

Even so, I can certainly understand that everyone has their own opinion, and may have the desire to posess the original code. Fortunately for us, the software is housed in an open source SVN repository (at this site!) which allows us to go forward or backward in time fairly easily. So if you want to see the code as it was when the book was released (sometime around July 2011), then use your favorite SVN client and update to revision 67535. Please do so at your own risk, as many corrections, additions, and bug fixes have been applied since then...

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