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Integration of a UI System


Some upcoming applications that I have in mind would benefit greatly from having a UI system in-engine. The current system allows text writing and creation, but I want to have some simple widgets available too.
  • I am requesting for suggestions from community on what framework to use! I currently have my eyes on GWEN UI (
  • Evaluation of GWEN UI and see if it will work as a component of Hieroglyph wrt licensing. Can we include this in the Hieroglyph 3 dependencies folder?
  • Building its renderer for DX11 / HG3.
  • Merging into the engine library project, similar to how the Lua project is an input to the HG3 project, which is then an input to the other projects.


wxz wrote Dec 22, 2014 at 5:26 PM

With Visual Studio 2013 community edition is free, MFC or WTL might be used for GUI. I'm not sure about the licensing though.GWEN webpage is gone, the only thing left is a Github page.